Inverclyde Gaelic Learners Group at Oak Mall

Inverclyde Gaelic Learners Group at Oak Mall

Local community group, Inverclyde Gaelic Learners, were in centre in 16th June with a special 'Bookbug' session and an information stall offering people the chance to find out about parent and child Gaelic lessons.

There was also a special musical performanby by children from the Whinhill Primary School.

Bookbug sessions in Gaelic give parents the opportunity to learn the language alongside their children in a fun, informal way. Songs, rhymes and games incorporating movement, actions, puppets, props and lycra are used and are carefully chosen so that they are easily learnt by families who do not speak Gaelic. The sessions are open to everyone and give a flavour of just how easily children (and parents!) can learn a new language.

Oak Mall was delighted to have this local community group in centre.

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